SharePoint 2013 Hosting – :: How to Allow Anonymous Access to some Sharepoint 2013 Site

As may be the scenario in earlier versions, you can configure SharePoint 2013 web sites for being accessed by anonymous consumers. In this article I will display the steps needed to configure anonymous access to an existing SharePoint 2013 site.

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  • Navigate towards the SharePoint 2013 Central Administration inside your SharePoint 2013 atmosphere. Beneath Application Management area, simply click the “Manage web applications” hyperlink.
  • Select one in the obtainable net apps and push the “Authentication providers” button obtainable inside the Ribbon. A modal dialog showing the authentication providers available for each zone is exhibited. While you can see, inside a basic circumstance only the “Default” zone is outlined.


  • Click the “Default” hyperlink so a fresh modal dialog is shown. Just verify the “Enable anonymous access” option and press the “Save” button.


  • Navigate to one of the web site collections you’ve developed under the configured web software and go to “Configure -> Website Settings”. Underneath the “Users and permissions” segment, click the “People and groups” hyperlink.


  • As you can see, SharePoint 2013’s Ribbon show is surely an “Anonymous Access” button that permits you to configure how nameless users can entry to the site.


  • Press the “Anonymous Access” button in the Ribbon therefore the connected configuration modal dialog is demonstrated. Within this dialog you have 3 configuration choices, just click the first 1 that provides complete nameless accessibility to the website. Press the “OK” button.


  • Back again to the “People and Groups” page, examine there is certainly a new group called “Anonymous users” accessible inside the list.


  • We have been virtually carried out. To finish, begin a new instance of a net browser and verify that you don’t must provide credentials info since nameless access is enabled around the whole web site.


And that’s all regarding how to permit nameless accessibility to a SharePoint 2013 site. I recommend you to verify how it operates within your SharePoint 2013 CloudShare surroundings.