SharePoint 2013 Hosting :: How to Configure PowerShell Web Access (PSWA) in Windows Server 2012

Server Manager in Windows Server 2012 now supports deployment of roles and features on remote servers from within the single Add Roles and Features wizard. And not just remote servers but also offline virtual hard disks! This is particularly helpful when you want to bring up a whole bunch of servers online from a base VHD with a particular role (like IIS or File Server) pre-installed. The new dashboard gives you an insightful overview of which servers are doing well and which ones need your attention.

In this post I’ll show you how to setup a PowerShell Web Access infrastructure in a test environment :

1. Installing Windows PowerShell Web Access

  • Log into your Windows Server 2012 test machine and click on Server Manager in the taskbar.
  • Click on Add roles and features.
  • Leave the defaults and click on the Next > button four times to come to the Select features page.
  • Select the checkbox for Windows PowerShell Web Access and click on Add Features if prompted to in the pop up window
  • Leave the defaults and click on the Next > button three times to come to the Confirmation page.
  • Click Install and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Click on Close once the installation completes successfully.

2. Configuring the gateway to use a test SSL certificate
Click on Windows PowerShell in the taskbar to open the Windows PowerShell window. Then type:

Install-PswaWebApplication –UseTestCertificate

This will create an application pool for PSWA in IIS, create the PSWA web application, create a self-signed certificate and create an HTTPS binding between the test certificate and the PSWA application.

3.  Configuring authorization rules and site security
Open PowerShell if not open already and type:
Add-PswaAuthorizationRule –UserName * -ComputerName * -ConfigurationName *
Or, in short Add-PswaAuthorizationRule * * *
This will create an authorization rule which will allow all authorized users to connect to a remote PowerShell session on any server and all configurations.


Next, open your browser and navigate to the URL https://<servernameORFQDN>/pswa pointing to the server you installed the PSWA application on. Ignore the warning of the certificate problem and continue.

Sign in using your credentials and specify the name of the server of the remote PowerShell session you wish to connect.

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