SharePoint 2013 Hosting :: Offers SharePoint 2013 Hosting offers web developers with a SharePoint 2013 Hosting to all new customers. Instant Setup, Fast and Friendly Support!, the specialist ASP.NET hosting provider and Microsoft Hosting Partner, today announced the release of its SharePoint 2013  hosting services.

The company, which says it specializes in hosting for projects based on Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.NET, SharePoint along with various other Microsoft products, launched the service this week, just a few month after the release candidate for SharePoint 2013 was issued by Microsoft.

There are new, or at least radically expanded services from SharePoint 2013 , such as:

  1. Content Management Service
  2. Translation Services
  3. Workflow Services
  4. SharePoint Quiz Client-Side Object Model Protocol
  5. Education Services
  6. Work Management Service promises to be the SharePoint solution that businesses have been looking for. At its heart, the product harnesses your SharePoint and ASPHostPortal’s Administration, removing the IT hassle and replacing it with a seamless, enhanced SharePoint experience.
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