SharePoint 2013 Hosting :: Configure Service Account in SharePoint 2013

We know in SharePoint all web applications and Windows Services need one managed account, or it cannot be running successfully. The following will teach you step by step how to configure service account in SharePoint 2013.
Assume that for some reasons you have to change the current service account to another for Web Application Pool – SharePoint – 80.

  • Register the managed account that you want to change.

Open Central Administration, click Security tab on the left.

Sharepoint Configure Managed Accounts

  • Click Configure Managed Accounts, enter Managed Account page

Sharepoint Managed Account page

  • Click Register Managed Account.

Sharepoint Register Managed Account

  • Enter the User name and Password, click OK and the managed account is registered successfully.

Notes: You need to use NetBIOS name “br” for User name not the fully qualified domain name”br.local”. Or you will see the error message “Specified value is not supported for the domain Name parameter.” In SharePoint 2010, the message is less clear as “Specified value is not supported for the {0} parameter.” Now let’s specify the service account for the 80 port.


  • Click Configure service accounts in Security Group.

Sharepoint Configure service accounts

  • Click OK. It’s configured successfully!

You can check it in IIS.

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