SharePoint 2013 Hosting :: Creating a Simple SharePoint 2013 People Directory

I beforehand presented on how on make a straightforward individuals index for SharePoint 2010. The methodology is marginally diverse in SharePoint 2013 because of the generous changes in the hunt usefulness so the upgraded steps are indicated in this post.

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An individuals registry can be helpful in the event that you need to rundown all the individuals in an association without clients needing to enter an inquiry question. Clients can then tight down the rundown utilizing channels, for example, Department or Job Title to thin the outcomes. This is truly simple to situated up utilizing the default SharePoint 2013 hunt web parts and doesn’t oblige composing a solitary line of code. A case of what this can look like is demonstrated as follows:

Creating a Simple SharePoint 2013 People Directory

Particularly when the association just contains a couple of hundred individuals this can help clients find individuals in the association without fundamentally knowing their names. The ventures to make this are as take after (expecting the client profile and pursuit administrations are running effectively):

1. Accepting you have an endeavor pursuit focus set up the first venture to make the individuals catalog is to empower the individuals hunt page design so we can make an individuals query items page. This could be possible by exploring to the Site Settings > Look and Feel | Page designs and site formats page and selecting ‘(Welcome Page) Search People’ in the Page Layouts segment.

Creating a Simple SharePoint 2013 People Directory2

2. The following step is to explore to the pages library and select New Document > Page from the ribbon.

Creating a Simple SharePoint 2013 People Directory3

3. On the make page screen select the Search People page format to make a page that contains the individuals query items web parts.

Creating a Simple SharePoint 2013 People Directory4

4. The standard query item web part does not demonstrate any outcomes unless an inquiry is tagged. To get all individuals to appear as a matter of course we have to adjust the inquiry utilized by the People Search Core Results web part. This could be possible by clicking the ‘Change Query’ catch in the web part properties and including a property channel that profits all individuals. To do this we can choose the property “contentclass” and enter the manual quality ‘spspeople’.

Creating a Simple SharePoint 2013 People Directory5

5. We now have a rundown of individuals that will be shown when the client explores to our custom individuals results page. Naturally we likewise have a few refinements that show up if coordinating metadata is found inside the outcome set. These are the Department, Job Title, Keywords and Office Location segments. We can change these to show other metadata properties that are characterized in our pursuit focus by selecting the ‘Pick refiners’ choice on the refinement web part. Note that the oversaw property must have the “Refinable” alternative chose in the quest composition for it to be accessible in this rundown.

Creating a Simple SharePoint 2013 People Directory6

Adding Sorting by Last Name

Including extra sort choices is much less demanding than in SharePoint 2010. To include a custom sort alternative, for example, Last Name take after the ventures beneath:

1. Guarantee that the oversaw property you need to sort by has the Sortable choice empowered in the pursuit composition. To do this explore to the Search Service Application > Search Schema, click the LastName oversaw property and select the Sortable: ‘Yes – dynamic’ choice. Note you will require a full slither for this to produce results.

Creating a Simple SharePoint 2013 People Directory7

2. On the query items page alter the People Search Core Results web part, check the ‘Show sort dropdown’ alternative and enter the accompanying content:

[{“name”:”First name (A-Z)”,”sorts”:[{“p”:”FirstName”,”d”:0}]},{“name”:”First name (Z-A)”,”sorts”:[{“p”:”FirstName”,”d”:1}]},{“name”:”Last name (A-Z)”,”sorts”:[{“p”:”LastName”,”d”:0}]},{“name”:”Last name (Z-A)”,”sorts”:[{“p”:”LastName”,”d”:1}]},{“name”:”Social distance”,”sorts”:[]}]

Creating a Simple SharePoint 2013 People Directory8

3. You ought to now have the capacity to sort by first or last name in sequential order request either A-Z or Z-A.

Creating a Simple SharePoint 2013 People Directory9

Utilizing a Table Based Layout

An alternate choice for the individuals index is to utilize a table based design with segment headers for properties. In SharePoint 2013 this could be possible utilizing Display Templates. For this situation we have to utilize two showcase layouts – a control format for the table header, and a thing layout for every output thing. The ventures to execute this are demonstrated as follows.

1. The first step is to add the presentation layouts to the masterpage exhibition by selecting Site Settings > Master Pages and Page Layouts > Display Templates > Search and transfer the two html documents from the accompanying .zip chronicle.

2. The following step is to alter the pursuit center results web part and in the Display Template segment set the Results Control Display Template to ‘Table Result’ and the Item Display Template to ‘Individuals Table Item’.

Creating a Simple SharePoint 2013 People Directory10

3. You ought to now see the outcomes showed as a table based format as demonstrated as follows:

Creating a Simple SharePoint 2013 People Directory11

In the event that you have worked with past variants of SharePoint you can see that in SharePoint 2013 the pursuit gimmicks are much wealthier and less demanding to work with. There are likewise various new peculiarities, for example, inquiry principles and extensibility alternatives, for example, redoing the drift board that improve the end client pursuit experience.

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