SharePoint 2013 Hosting :: Discontinued Features and Modified Functionalities SharePoint 2013

The following URL contains an overview of SharePoint functionalities that are discontinued or modified in SharePoint 2013:

I would like to share my view on a couple of discontinued features.

Document workspace

Reason for change
“This scenario of collaborating on a document is already covered by the Team Site template.”

To be honest, I’ve never used this template and have never seen a customer using it. One site for working on one document? That seems a bit too much. The team site is a perfect replacement. Just create a new document library and assign unique permissions.

Meeting workspace

Reason for change
“Other collaboration features exist in SharePoint 2013 Preview and Office 2013 Preview: Lync to conduct live meetings, OneNote to take notes during meetings, and SharePoint team site or My Site to store shared meeting notes.”

I think this is a big change! These templates have been around for a while and used by customers. We actually use these in Office 365 scenario’s. They are far from perfect and have known issues. Just check out the following article:

I like the suggestion from Microsoft. Lync is a great tool for live meetings. You can share a presentation or your desktop. The new SharePoint 2013 team and project site have a OneNote integration. This enables employees to store meeting notes and is integrated with the local OneNote application. Meeting documents can be stored in a document library and the site can be customized with other lists or libraries.

Reason for change
“Similar features can be used with the Team site template.”

Again, I have never used this template or seen any customers using it. The team site is more than sufficient as a replacement. I always use Outlook to check the availability of my colleagues.

Business Intelligence: Chart Web Part

Reason for change
“Similar features can be used with other applications, such as Excel Services.”

This is kind of a shame because this was a web part with a lot of functionalities. Click here to see a lot of video’s about this web part. Maybe the downside of this web part was the overload of options. There were a lot!