SharePoint 2013 Hosting :: How to Add Google Analytics to Your SharePoint 2013 Site

I know that it is really important to know how many visitors to our SharePoint site. We can analyze the visitors that come to our site. So in this tutorial, I will describe description about how to add google analytics on your SharePoint portal site


Adding Google Analytics to SharePoint 2013 Site

Get the code to be inserted into the <head> section

To do this, go to the Google Analytics Admin section

SharePoint-1Select the account to which the new website will be connected; click the button to add a resource:


Configure the settings for the new SharePoint site:


Get the code to be inserted into the <head> section:


Paste the code into the pages on the Master Pages tab using Microsoft SharePoint Designer.

In Microsoft SharePoint Designer, open the control panel of the site, to which Google Analytics will be added. Select Master Pages on the Site Objects panel:


Edit the HTML code of all master pages that are in use: paste the Google Analytics code into the <head> section.


Advantages Using Google Analytics

After adding of the Google code to the master pages, the system starts collecting the data on visits to your site.

The statistical system allows you to get a lot of information about the site traffic. Were the visitors active? What browser were they using to work with your site? How did they navigate through the site? Where did they come from? What were they looking for? Did they find the desired content?


The advantages of Google Analytics:

  • Free of charge
  • No additional load on the SharePoint server
  • Search query data