SharePoint 2013 Hosting :: How to Create a Group in SharePoint Using REST API

Hi guys today I will explains you about how to create a group in SharePoint using REST API. REST sits on this stack in a way that makes it easy for humans to understand what’s being exchanged while allowing computers to talk to one another efficiently. You may have also heard of some of the other technologies that can reside here, such as SOAP (which requires a fair amount of data and computing power and is not really appropriate  for the constrained resources of mobile applications), JMS (which is specific to Java applications) and XML-RPC (which has many of the same problems as SOAP without any of the benefits of standardization).

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REST allows for a minimum amount of data to be passed using the same well-established mechanisms that define the web without a lot of the encumbrances introduced by fatter protocols. This allows programmers to more rapidly build programs that access and act upon data exposed via APIs, even in environments with unreliable network speeds and limited computing power. 

REST works almost exactly like a website in a browser. A resource is exposed to a program via a URL. The program can access that URL and receive data about the resource, not unlike when you type in a URL to your browser and get a web page back. Well designed RESTful APIs include additional links the program can follow to request related information – similar to how you would click on a link to visit a new page – or to submit data to update the given resource – similar to how you would fill out a web form to create a new account for a web site.

How to Create a Group in SharePoint Using REST API ?

Develop the project using the following method in the NAPA Tool.

On your Developer Site, open the “Napa” Office 365 Development Tools and then choose Add New Project.

  • Choose the App for SharePoint template, name the project Create Site and then choose the Create button.
  • Replace APP.js with the following source code.
  • Publish Your App.

kind of app


The following are important steps to be done before creating the app.

Specify the permissions that your app needs as in the following.

Choose the Properties button at the bottom of the page.

  • In the Properties window, choose Permissions.
  • In the Content category, set the Write permissions for the Tenant scope.
  • In the Social category, set the Read permissions for the User Profiles scope.
  • Close the Properties window.

properties window

Source Code

Publish the App and click the Trust it Button.

publish app


Group Created Successfully.

group created

I hope this article helpful for you 🙂

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