SharePoint 2013 Hosting – How to Create an Open Search in SharePoint ?

In this post I will explain you about create an Open Search in SharePoint. In Sharepoint 2013 we can search information from different result sources, for example, Exchange, Remote Sharepoint and open search (different search engines).
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Make an search site
To make an search site in Sharepoint 2013 go to New -> Private site Collection.
Click on the Enterprise Tab and select Enterprise Search Center.


I named it: “Search”. That will make a search site that gives you search results from local SharePoint.

2On the off chance that we enter some keyword, how about we say’s Sharepoint, in the search box then that gives search results from Sharepoint as portrayed in the following screenshot.


All results showed above are from the local Sharepoint, however in the event that we need to search data from any open search provider, (for example, Bing or Google) then we have to setting new result sources (result sources are the supplier to get search results from).

To arrange a search result go to Site Settings on the upper-right corner of the page.


And then Click on the Result Sources to define a new result source.5

Next step, select on New Result Source then click on the OpenSearch option as the picture below. Give the result source a name, say “using open search”.


Give the source URL esteem as: Bing: Searchterms then click OK. Presently you have made your result source that will give results from the Bing search engine.

Go to site setting and click on Query Rules as the picture below:Query Rules

Now, After you clicking on query rules the following pages open in which you need to select your own search result created by you in the preceding procedure (in my case it is “UsingOpenSearch”), then click on New Query Rule to define the query.


Provide the rule a name and provide keywords in the Query to exactly match one of these phrases (semi-colon separated) in the text box such as “SharePoint; Documents; Notebook; PowerPoint”.
Click on Add Result Block, to display an open search result in one block.

Append Open search end in the Result Block title (to provides a friendly name to the result block) and put together the question (if you would like to append one thing to the beginning or finish of the search term, otherwise leave it because it is).

Select your Search Result source from the dropdown below the put together query text box, in different words in my case it’s “usingOpenSearch”. choose the additional Links radio button and provide the URL as “Bing: ”.

Select the number from the dropdown to show the result items count.

Next, Click OK & save the settings.
Now, Go to the Search home page and search. It then will display as:


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