SharePoint 2013 Hosting – How to Discover All SharePoint Lists with Lookup Columns ?

Would you ever have liked to discover the greater part of the sections of a certain sort in SharePoint? All Lookups, all Calculated or all Managed Metadata columns? You should simply take a look at the Fields object “TypeDisplayName” property. While the example script underneath is searching for Lookup columns, you could alter it to search for any sort of columns.

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Discover all Lookup Columns
This will discover all Lookup columns in the whole farm! Many of the out of the box lists are “custom” lists and will have fields that look like user added columns. Avoid those with the $TTNExcludeLists variable. Field that are Hidden or FromBaseType are not typically user created and are excluded in this example.

If you would like to see the list of all of the column types used in your site or farm you can write the following code:

It may take a long time to run (WARNING!) but this will list all of the columns in the farm:

Here’s the list I got from my test farm:

All Day Event
Audience Targeting
Channel Alias
Check Double Booking
Content Type Id
Content Type ID
Cross Project Link
Date and Time
Event Type
Hold Status
Hyperlink or Picture
Managed Metadata
Moderation Status
Multiple lines of text
Number of Likes
Number of Ratings
Out of Policy
Outcome choice
Page Separator
Permission Level
Person or Group
Publishing HTML
Publishing Image
Publishing Schedule End Date
Publishing Schedule Start Date
Rating (0-5)
Related Items
Single line of text
Summary Links
User Agent Substrings

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