SharePoint 2013 Hosting:: How To Get All the Content Types CSOM in SharePoint 2013

The CSOM (and the JSOM by extension) is a Microsoft generated collection of libraries that acts as a proxy to the server-side object model. The CSOM is not a complete replacement for the server side object model. The way I look at it is that I can do just about everything I need to do using the CSOM within a specific site collection. In SharePoint 2013 it was greatly improved as it got additions for working with search, BCS, taxonomies, workflows and user profiles to name just a few. The CSOM is available in managed form for .NET and Silverlight clients as well as unmanaged form in JavaScript (aka: the JSOM)


Let me to tell you How to get all the content types from the site using CSOM in SharePoint 2013.
Namespaces:using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client;



Code Snippet:

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