SharePoint 2013 Hosting Poland :: Creating List and Libraries in SharePoint 2013

At this article, I will explain you the way to create list and libraries in SharePoint 2013. SharePoint 2013 enhanced the creation of website contents by narrowing it is website contents classifications.


1. First, Click upon the top-right corner on the settings logo, click on Site Contents.


2. Then, you’ll see an option to Add an app on the page opened.2

Whenever you click onto it, the listed apps are visible. Beneath the Noteworthy Category we’ve :
Document Library
Custom List
Site Mailbox

Beneath the Apps category, we’ll have all of the apps you’ve added with the App store. Thus as we’ve noticed previously we’ve several sorts of Document Libraries, Lists and Tasks however here in 2013 it really has been narrowed to just 3 of them so users could use all of these and alter their content type as needed. Thus we’ve 3 main attributes from the site as Document Library, Custom List and Tasks.

3As you can see on the picture above, I selected on Document Library. We will see the form to be filled with the following details:
Name and Description
Document Version History
Document Template


5When you fill it in, the Document Library is created.