SharePoint 2013 Hosting Tips :: Add DataView WebPart with SharePoint Designer 2013

DataView Web part is a great tool that allow us to show the data from external data sources and SharePoint lists. DVWP could take data from a SharePoint list from one site and display data with styling. We can connect to web services, XML files, RSS feeds and Oracle and SQL Databases to show data with conditional formatting.  In SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010, Data view web part offering great capabilities of connecting to even more external data sources through REST.

As in previous versions of SharePoint In SharePoint 2013, you can still add Dataview webparts to your pages using SharePoint designer 2013 but with a an exception that you no longer see a Design View in SharePoint Designer 2013.

Adding DataView with Source is still not very clear. I saw a bug when I tried to add a Dataview but it would only show empty data view and not the List\Library list. However, I found a workaround that and was finally able to add a XSLTListView WebPart on a page.

In this post we will see the Step-by-Step Tutorial on how to add a DataView in a SharePoint 2013 site page which will be viewed in Browser.

1. Open your site in SharePoint designer 2013.

2. Next, Create a WebPart Page.

Give your Webpart Page a name and click OK.

3. Next Edit file to Open.

4. Click on “CODE VIEW TOOLS” tab and then click on Parse HTML


5. Next click in of WebPartZone and then click on Insert Tab and then DataView.


If you don’t see this and just sees the “Empty Data View” Option select that and then again click in the WebPartZone and then Data View again. Then you will see the datassource Options. The earlier (empty data view) will add a DataFormWebPart that you can delete that if you want.

This might be a Bug in SharePoint 2013 beta Designer.

Once you add a DataView for a List\Library you will see a new XsltListViewWebPart added.

6. Click on XsltListViewWebPart and you will see the DataView’s tab appear.


Here you can Add\Columns,Set Paging,View Data Source details and rules and can do pretty much everything you use to do with your OLD dataview.

If you want to edit the XSLT of this webpart you can navigate to “DESIGN” tab and click on “Customize Entire View”.


7. Preview Changes – Even though the Design View is missing you can still preview the changes with “Preview in Browser”.


8. Once done Save the Page and Check in.