SharePoint 2013 Hosting :: Utilizing SharePoint REST Solutions From Workflow With POST Strategy

SharePoint 2013 has a fully new workflow engine. With that engine we got some new actions and options that help us in generating our bussiness approach employing workflows. One of them is Get in touch with HTTP service action that enables us to leverage an external net service from our workflow.

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Around the other hand Sharepoint 2013 comes having a new REST interface that enables us to access and use its sources.When we combine these two new attributes we get powerful new ways for utilizing our SharePoint workflows.

Within this post I’ll show you how you are able to use this new action to POST new data to your SharePoint website.

I have created a SharePoint list named WorkflowItems to make use of for instance. We are going to generate products in this list from a workflow using SharePoint REST services. To maintain it straightforward I will leave it with only 1 column (Title).

Now we can open our SharePoint Designer and develop a new internet site workflow and call it WorkflowItemWizard.

In our new workflow first we are going to produce couple of dictionaries. Dictionary can be a new variable type in SharePoint workflows that is certainly used for defining collections of key/pair values and is very important for the Get in touch with HTTP service action.

To make a dictionary add Develop Dictionary action to you workflow. Utilizing that action specify two new keys Accept and Content-Type and set the values for each of them to application/json; odata=verbose like within the image below

1oinhfblrtSet the output to a dictionary using a more meaningful name, get in touch with it “header”. This dictionary is going to be utilized as a header for our request.

Next create an additional dictionary which you will call metadata and in it add a crucial named kind with value SP.Information.WorkflowItemsListItem.

And lastly you’ll want 1 much more dictionary that can include your request data. Contact it parameters, add important __metadata and set its worth towards the previously created dictionary metadata

2nltrnbt;Add one more key, call it Title and set its value to New item created from workflow. Now you are ready to call the web service. Insert action Call HTTP service. The URL you will require will look like this:
and the HTTP method is POST.

3bvkrlejvbSet the request to your parameters dictionary. To set the header of your request go to :
right click on the Call HTTP service -> properties -> RequestHeaders and set it to your header dictionary.

4kjengkrgThis is how the complete workflow looks like:

5jenblkNow you can deploy your workflow and run it. When it really is more than you must possess a new item produced within your list.
From this instance it is possible to continue creating your options, you’ll be able to add a lot more fields, or use other available REST solutions for updating list items or deleting them.

One on the most significant benefits making use of this technique to make or update list products is it’s not restricted towards the web site in which you workflow runs. Utilizing REST solutions it is possible to now access and develop items in lists on other web sites.

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