SharePoint Hosting News: Easy Ways to Modify SharePoint Lists and Libraries Using PowerShell

The Code

For those of you just looking for a quick bit of code to use, this will loop through all lists excluding anything in the ‘personal’ directories and will then rename the lists as specified in the $newLibraryname variable. Feel free to use this code however you want.

Be sure to change the Variables at the top as required –

Useful List Variables

Here’s a very short list of useful variables attached to lists which can be used to update options –

  • $list.ForceCheckout – Returns $True or $False depending on whether Force Check out is enabled.
  • $list.EnableModeration – Returns $True or $False depending on whether ‘Require content approval for submitted items’ is enabled.
  • $list.AllowDeletion – Returns $True if the list can be deleted otherwise set to false to protect a list.
  • $list.EnableFolderCreation – Returns $True of $False depending on whether folders can be created.
  • $list.EnableVersioning – Returns $True of $False depending on whether versioning is enabled. I plan to write another short article on configuring this properly.

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