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How To Create Document Sets In SharePoint 2013

Microsoft SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft. SharePoint is a web-based intranet that can help improve your organization’s effectiveness by streamlining the management of and access to data. SharePoint is an enterprise information portal, from Microsoft, that can be configured to run Intranet, Extranet and Internet sites.

Document Sets: A Step-by-Step Guide

A document set is often described as a folder on steroids with the attributes of an item. In actuality, a document set is a content type. While document sets are a somewhat simple concept, there is a certain order that you must follow to build a document set efficiently. Below is the order followed by a detailed explanation of each step.

Create Site Columns and Content Types

Before you create the document set, you will need to make sure your desired content types and site columns already exist. Both are created from Site Settings, either at the content type hub or site level. I prefer to create them within my content type hub so that they can be used throughout my SharePoint environment, not just in one site collection.

Assign Site Columns

If you create a new content type, click Add from existing site columns to assign site columns to capture specific metadata. You can use existing site columns, also created within your content type hub, or you can create site columns at the site level. Alternatively, you can add site columns to the document set in which the content type will be allowed. The benefit of adding the site columns to the document set or content type is only having to add them once.

Publish Content Types

When you have your content type just the way you want it, don’t forget to publish it. Click Manage publishing for this content type, select the radio button for Publish (or Republish if you are updating the content type with changes), and click OK.

Run Content Type Subscriber Timer Job

Published (or republished) content types created in the content type hub will become available for use once the Content Type Subscriber timer job runs. If you have SharePoint on-premises and access to Central Administration, you can manually run this timer job. Go to Monitoring > Review Job Definitions and click Content Type Subscriber. You will see its schedule and the last time it ran. Rather than waiting for the next scheduled run, click Run Now to start the timer job.

Create Document Set Content Types

Document sets are created in Site Settings > Site Content Types. If you create the document set within your content type hub, it can be used throughout all of your site collections. The only real decisions when creating the document set are what to name it and where to put it because the Parent Content Type will logically be Document Set.

Define Document Set Settings and Assign Additional Site Columns

Now you can define your document set. Start by clicking Document Set settings. First, choose which content types are allowed in the document set. Filter the available site content types by selecting the group into which you put the new content types. Then highlight the desired content type and click Add. If necessary, you can change the group and add additional content types without saving between groups.

Publish Document Set Content Types

When your document set is ready, make sure you publish it. This is the same process that you did in Step 3 to publish the newly created content types.

Run Content Type Subscriber Timer Job

Just like step 4, you must run the Content Type Subscriber timer job from Central Administration, assuming you created your document sets within the content type hub. Alternatively, you can wait for the timer job to run on its normal schedule.

Assign Document Set Content Type to Document Library

Now that your document set is available for use, you must assign it to the document library. First, go to Library Settings and click Advanced Settings. Select the Yes radio button for Allow management of content types. Click OK to save the changes.

Create a Document Set

Navigate to the document library where the document set content type was enabled. From the ribbon, click Files and select the document set from the New Document menu.

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