SharePoint Hosting News: SharePoint Online branding Creating Tabbed Menu using Bootstrap and HTML

We will learn how to create tabbed menu for SharePoint online using Bootstrap library. The same way you can implement bootstrap tabbed menu in sharepoint online, SharePoint 2016/2013. Here I have added 4 menu items, you can add as per you requirements. First, let’s understand the concept of bootstrap.

Introduction to Bootstrap

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first websites. There are two major components used in this:

  • bootstrap.css – a CSS framework ; for look and feel
  • bootstrap.js – a JavaScript/jQuery framework; for dynamic effects
  • Additionally, Bootstrap requires jQuery to function. JQuery is an extremely popular and widely used JavaScript library that both simplifies and adds cross browser compatibility to JavaScript.

Below are some prerequisites, which required before we jump in to implement below code.

Prerequisites to use Bootstrap

  1. – To get latest bootstrap.min.js
  2. – To get latest jquery.min.js
  3. To get latest bootstrap.min.css
  4. Any IDE that supports HTML and Bootstrap i.e. Notepad++, VS 2015.
  5. Little knowledge about CSS, HTML and JS.

In below html file make sure to add below 3 major references as discussed above in <Head> section.

Other important css classes used in the file are:

  • Container– Fixed width container with widths determined by screen sites. Equal margin on the left and right.
  • nav nav-tabs– Indicates a tabbed menu.
  • Active– Adds a grey background color to the table row (<tr> or table cell (<td>) (same color used on hover)
  • tab-content– Used together with .tab-pane to creates toggle able/dynamic tabs/pills. You can add any html code or anything that you want to show under this div.
  • tab-pane fade in active- Used together with .tab-content to creates toggle able/dynamic tabs/pills

Other than these classes I have used inline css to make look and feel, formatted contents for the tabbed div’s .

You can refer any custom css file for your requirement.

TabbedMenu.html Code File

You can refer this html file into content editor’s path URL. So that any modification would be easy. Please follow below steps to add a webpart into SharePoint page.


Page URL- /sites/Bhawana/SiteAssets/SitePages/Tabbed_Menu.html


Once you save above changes in the content editor webpart property and save the page, you can see below output.

Final Output



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